Hot tip for the Lego Stranger Things turn the house into the wrong world


The Stranger Things series was a real hit on the Netflix platform and the latter has signed a collaboration with LEGO to release a new set called The House in the Upside Down. The latter now offers a reduction in its starting price for a short time and may sell out very quickly.

The house of the world is upside down

With this LEGO set you can build the Upside Down House with Will’s bedroom, living room and dining room with all furniture. On the side of the world, the rooms are completely dilapidated and covered with climbing plants. We immediately realize that we are not in the real world. To recreate this universe, the set contains no less than 2287 pieces and we even have 8 figures that are our favorite characters (Elf, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chef Jim Hopper and Demogorgon). .

This set contains many details from the series, such as a glowing wall alphabet, Will’s radio cassette or even a brochure with the sticker “Did you see me?”, Another sticker depicting a drawing of the mental flayer using a bear trap to catch the Demogorgon . Many accessories are also included, such as Lucas’ slingshot and flashlight, Dustin’s walkie-talkie and compass, Mike’s flashlight and walkie-talkie, Hopper’s coffee cup, the lamp. Torch and drawing of Joyce’s “Will the Wise” and Eleven’s waffle.

The size of the house is 32 cm high, 44 cm wide and 21 cm deep.

This set costs 199 euros in the LEGO Store, but you can now get a hands-on item for 162.99 euros. And if you’re looking for a little board game, we have a great plan here.

Why order this set?

Many details about the series Schöne Größe Kultige Lage

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