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Hot price for the interactive LEGO Super Mario set to play with your favorite plumber

Last June, we announced the arrival of a brand new LEGO set with the image of Super Mario, which today costs less than 40 euros, exceptionally.

Interactive LEGO Super Mario Set: Relive the adventures of many of your favorite plumbers

That good plan concerns the Super Mario Adventures starter pack, which you can use to start having fun with Mario or just collecting.

It consists of 7 action bricks to interact with the LEGO character Mario in different ways, as if you are in the middle of a game! The interactive little character Mario has color sensors and LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and stomach that allow him to react to movement by instantly displaying over 100 different reactions. It also includes a speaker that emits iconic video game sounds and music.

This collectible LEGO play set, consisting of 231 pieces, can be expanded over time thanks to a DLC system.

This interactive LEGO Super Mario set is currently priced at $ 39.99 while it was displayed at $ 59.99, which is a 33% discount. And for those who want a sound bar to enjoy their movies, here’s a good plan for a Yamaha.

Why crack?

Dear MARIO! Expandable interactive set

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