Holy Witches Classified as Offensive, Warner Bros. and Anne Hathaway Apologize!

The movie Sacred Witches was released on HBO Max on October 22, 2020 in the US and had it all. However, the film is at the center of a lot of controversy because it is viewed as objectionable. So much so that Warner Bros. and Anne Hathaway have publicly apologized.

A movie that is considered objectionable

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Every week it’s a controversy. Robert Zemeckis, the legendary director of the Back to the Future trilogy Forrest Gump and Who Wants Roger Rabbit? recently paid the award as his latest feature film, Sacitées Sorcières, is at the center of a scandal the filmmaker would have done well.

Based on the masterpiece of children’s literature by Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mathilda) and produced by Alfonso Cuaron (Les Fils de l’Homme, Gravity) and Guillermo Del Toro (Le Labyrinthe de Pan, La Forme de l ‘Water), Saints Witches are accused of insulting people with disabilities.

The controversy arose on Twitter after swimmer Amy Marren pointed out the appearance of the Anne Hathaway (Interstellar) witch, whose hand deformity she believes resembles that of a very real disease: ectrodactyly, one of 90,000 people who have this rare disease . The athlete explains:

There has been a lot of thought @WarnerBrosUK about how this representation of limb difference would affect the limb difference community ?! @ReachCharity @RoaldFull pic.twitter.com/kiTEAuYt7i

November 2, 2020

I am disappointed with the latest Warner Bros. movie. Holy Witches … I myself am a great advocate of celebrating differences, especially those that affect members …

[…] It’s heartbreaking to see the difference portrayed as something terrifying.

Yes, I am fully aware that this is a movie and that they are witches, but witches are basically monsters. I fear that the children will watch this film without knowing that it transmits the representations in the original work by Roald Dahl strongly and that the differences between the members frighten them.

The swimmer’s observations resonated with some associations that have voiced their outrage, such as RespectAbility, which denounces the fact that differences in approaching disability have become a stereotype of bad guys.

A new Warner Bros. The Witches film comes under fire for portraying a bad guy who has “split hands” and maintains harmful stereotypes against people with limb differences. Read our explanation of the film: https://t.co/rvsraJLOGx

4th November 2020

A new Warner Bros. film, Sacred Witches, has been criticized for portraying a villain who “split hands” and perpetuates harmful stereotypes against people with different limbs. Unfortunately, this is a stereotype that has been around in movies for decades that makes people fear those who appear different to them.

The controversy grew proportionally and some athletes with disabilities were photographed with a #NotAWitch lettering on a member.

Why do Paralympians write ‘#NotAWitch’ on their bodies?

Full story: https://t.co/2xY2LN7TQK pic.twitter.com/lM4Y3Hib4F

5th November 2020

(A slogan that may seem funny when we know that the figure of the witch has been the symbol of the feminist struggle, women’s liberation and sisterhood for several decades. Suffice it to believe. Remember the feminist one Movement WITCH (for the international terrorist conspiracy of women from hell), the film The Witches of Eastwick by George Miller or the excellent essay Witches: The Unbeaten Power of Women by Mona Chollet, a journalist at Le Monde Diplomatique.

The studio apologizes

Given the scale of the controversy, Warner Bros. apologized in Variety columns through a spokesman who said he was “deeply saddened to hear” [la] The depiction of fictional characters in holy witches could hurt people with disabilities.

The actress Anne Hathaway also apologized publicly in a post on Instagram.

Let me start by saying that I do my best to be sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others, not because of a politically correct fear, but because it seems to me that the foundation of not offending others is the decency we all have should strive for. As someone who truly believes in inclusivity and hates cruelty, I owe you an apology for the pain I have caused. I’m so sorry.

I especially want to apologize to the children with limb differences. Now that I am more aware of this, I promise to do better. And I owe a special apology to those who love you as much as my children do: I’m sorry I failed your families.

A harmful climate for artistic creation?

However, many voices on Twitter have expressed their opposition to this controversy and their fear of seeing an artistic world has become more and more confused by the fear of hurting this or that group of people.

Look for more, it’s official, art is dead.
From now on I wish the horror cinema world the best of luck with their fear of healthy and healthy monsters.
No, because zombies are an insult to lepers while we’re at it … https: //t.co/MeuY5Mq7CR

November 6, 2020

About what ? https://t.co/Jbdf6CGp55

November 6, 2020

Holy witches accused of discriminating against people with disabilities!
Then we have to burn all books in which there is ridicule and pick up films like Rabbi Jacob first, as we can no longer laugh at anything or anything. Https://t.co/IT36azNZBx

November 7, 2020

We really have to apologize for everything! This world becomes impossible! Really, I prefer my world before! Sixties! https://t.co/jriAh9VUc4

November 7, 2020

No, but there we fell into the depths of bullshit, it’s not possible. But these people must be really pissed off in their lives. Https://t.co/s8qBVxoTKR

November 6, 2020

The film Sacrée Sorcières was originally scheduled to hit French cinemas on November 18th. However, the restriction naturally resulted in a postponement of the release. It is not yet known whether the film will be released in theaters as planned or on a streaming platform as it did in the US.

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