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his touching message to support Tom Holland at the Oscars

We heard before that Tom Holland wanted to play Master of Ceremonies at the upcoming Academy Awards, and Andrew Garfield had a very touching word on the subject in a recent interview.

WARNING: This article contains loot related to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

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Andrew Garfield has officially recommended his Spider-Man colleague Tom Holland for the 2022 Oscars. After three years without an Oscar, the Oscars will have a host again for their next award in March. In an interview last month, Tom Holland expressed an interest in hosting the Oscars and, according to a recent report, the Academy reached out to the actor to discuss the possibility. With Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Pete Davidson also reportedly in the running, it’s unclear what Holland’s chances are, but the move comes in a pivotal year for the Oscars.

In recent years, the show has seen a drop in ratings and increasingly negative reviews, with many calling for a drastic overhaul to get the show back on track. And Andrew Garfield wants to ensure that Tom Holland’s new dream comes true: the actor actually just left a touching testimonial to propose the actor.

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In a new interview with media company People, Andrew Garfield, who starred alongside Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home, confirmed his co-star for the role of presenter. Garfield calls Tom Holland “charismatic” and “a champion in song and dance performer,” qualities which Garfield said would make his young co-star an “incredible Oscar host”. Here’s what he says:

I think Tom is really charismatic and really great as a actor and actor, and I think he would be a great Oscar host. I think it would be absolutely awesome. And I would definitely be curious how he would be as a moderator. He’s so charming, he’s such a showman, and he’s an actor who can sing and dance. I am very, very convinced of him.

As a reminder, the 2022 Oscars were due to take place on March 27th. By then, we hope to have news as to whether Andrew Garfield’s support has enabled Tom Holland to take on his new challenge: presenting the next Academy Awards. And if you want to know what role Tom Holland played when he wanted to play the role of James Bond, you can read our previous article on the subject.


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