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His job in the game reminds him so much of reality that he resigns

On Twitch it is possible to find a variety of streamers spread across a variety of different categories. Some play, others discuss, still others do handicrafts or perform puzzles. They all revolve around the same passion: sharing. But while working in a game, a fat American streamer decided to return his apron believing the job was too reminiscent of reality.

when fun turns into trouble

The line between fun and trouble can be good in video games, especially those that require repetitive actions such as gachas. And in some games it is possible to work to earn your crust. From mercenaries in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to doing odd jobs in Cyberpunk 2077, these fast paced jobs focus on exploring, gathering resources, and defeating third-party enemies. But in GTA RP, the role-playing game from GTA V, the trades performed are drastically similar to their real-world counterparts. Given this disturbing resemblance, streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris decided to slam the door.

Sodapoppin, who has been following this part of RP for some time, was found there among the traits of a character known by the name of Kevin Whipaloo. His story? As the manager of a restaurant, but also of a casino and a vineyard, he is involved in criminal stories “in spite of himself”. Problem: After a while, managing all of these goods became realistic. His virtual escape was therefore no longer.

“GTA RP, in the position Kevin was in, was a real job. It was a real job. It was too hard. It was’ Yeah manage, get this, the clerk did that, problem with the police over there . “I can’t remember five scenarios where I was finally able to do what I wanted, including hunting aliens or being at the train station multiple times. But the only reason I had to be on the shift , was that my managers had asked me to take care of tasks while they were not available. “

A virtual job that quickly becomes less attractive. When playing a game that is meant to be fun is a chore, it is best to stay away from it. And that’s exactly what Morris did. Kevin Whipaloo’s character has retired indefinitely. And unfortunately for the American streamer, Whipaloo is left with no definitive bouquet worthy of the name. While he was looking for a way to let his character die so he could never return, the opportunity never presented itself to him. Farewell below his expectations, which will still allow him to breathe a little.

“I just got myself into a position where I had serious commitments. It got so overwhelming that I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I overestimated myself and I don’t like it anymore. It’s too much. J I like to do stupid things I like stupid PR. I like to play with a lot of my friends outside of PR. But when I play Kevin, I can’t because I have employees. I have fucking clients. I can’t just say, “Hey, I want to Cycle. I can not do that.”


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