His insane performance at the NRJ Music Awards is causing a stir on Twitter

On October 26, 2020, Squeezie announced his nomination for the 2020 NRJ Music Awards on social media with great astonishment. It took a little over a month for the artist to appear on stage, revealing one of the tracks from his first album. The least we can say is that the artist managed to ignite his audience and social networks after his colorful performance.

Squeezie’s nomination for the NRJ Music Awards

Among all the nominees this year, Squeezie was one of the biggest surprises of these NRJ Music Awards 2020. However, the artist’s album OXYZ still had its small success. The album, which has been available since September 25, 2020, has in fact sold 19,935 copies in a single week of operation (with 85% sales and 14% streaming).

Squeezie was therefore nominated thanks to this album with Alliel, Hatik, Soolking, Tayc and Wejdene in the category “Francophone Revelation of the Year”. Lucas Hauchard, aka Squeezie, was the first to be surprised by this appointment. On Saturday, December 5th, the 2020 NRJ Music Awards ceremony took place as agreed and Squeezie was on stage to present “Servis”, one of the tracks featured on his album OXYZ with artist Gambi .

Squeezie’s achievement

Squeezie’s performance is certainly the one that went the least unnoticed of the entire 2020 NRJ Music Awards, and for good reason: The YouTuber staged a particularly bizarre and funny choreography in which he explained using signs, why ‘He was scared to death that he wasn’t a “real artist” (in contrast to Gambi) and that next Friday at 6pm a new horror thread would be live on YouTube. We let you watch for yourself:

After Nikos, who hosted the show, had seen Squeezie’s appearance with his own eyes, he asked him how he was feeling, since this was his very first appearance on the stage at a ceremony of this kind. The client concerned therefore stated:

I had a great time, to be honest, I had a great time. It was a great time and I hope people did too.

After his appearance, Squeezie learned during the awards ceremony that he had won the Francophone Revelation of the Year award and wanted to share his emotions on social networks and thank all voters:

BRAVOOO @xSqueeZie
He just won the Francophone Revelation of the Year award. He has a message for you #NMA # NMA2020 pic.twitter.com/gaJEXRyu1T

5th December 2020

but what a raid # NMA2020
Thank you for all of your votes. It’s crazy to have so much support in everything I do
(until Friday) pic.twitter.com/Mfjeke7JlN

December 6, 2020

Twitter went up in flames after his humorous performance and the fact that he won the Francophone Revelation of the Year award. We have compiled for you some of the many reactions that have been published on social media.

Reactions from internet users

Two camps collided on Twitter: those who decided to comment on the surprise that Squeezie presented with the Francophone Revelation Award and those who decided to comment on the performance of the most popular YouTuber in France on the stage of NRJ Music Awards 2020. We let you discover this anthology of reactions:

Squeezie but what a genius mdrrr I’m crying pic.twitter.com/nR134CC4EI

December 6, 2020

Damn it, but what a killer squeezie # NRJMUSICAWARDS2020

5th December 2020

Squeezie he came he did his advertising he won a prize, he has bz the nrj Music Award # NMA2020 pic.twitter.com/XGi4OclP84

5th December 2020

People who didn’t know Squeezie when he landed on stage # NMA2020 pic.twitter.com/4xntDiqrQf

5th December 2020

# NMA2020 Squeezie when he won pic.twitter.com/PWAGRTY7eO

December 6, 2020

Squeezie qd he heard his name pr the winner of the Male Reveal of the Year # NMA2020 pic.twitter.com/qXJNcBh8tx

5th December 2020

Squeezie: “Thanks to my 15 million subscribers on Youtube who vote to please me, not the quality of my music.” # NMA2020 # NRJMUSICAWARDS2020 pic.twitter.com/TfFxDy4Nni

5th December 2020

I thought I was going to die at this moment ptdrrrrrrrrrrrquetzie genius pic.twitter.com/zZzhWqCRpX

December 6, 2020

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