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His Avengers-like project will get an epic sequel

The Bloodshot phenomenon hasn’t really caught on in France or abroad, and yet it looks like the franchise hasn’t said its last word. Why try to do a sequel and who are the people betting on it? Here is our latest information on Bloodshot as a second name.

Bloodshot’s poor profitability

On March 25, 2020, incarcerated France discovered Bloodshot. As we all know, this has been a particularly difficult year for filmmaking in general, and Bloodshot is no exception. The film grossed $ 37.3 million compared to its original budget of $ 45 million. However, how can we say the failure for the franchise as a whole was when we were in the middle of the first wave?

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Streaming platforms have overcome the COVID-19 problem thanks to several relaxations granted by the CNC in the media chronology. For example, Amazon Prime Video was able to include films originally slated for the room, such as Bloodshot, in its catalog. The latter may have been a disappointment with some critics and underperformed at the box office due to COVID-19, but it still has enough fans that a sequel was already in the works. to be prepared.

While it’s hard to say at the moment what’s going to happen to this franchise, it looks like producers still have big plans for it. Does the Bloodshot franchise have to follow the lead of the MCU and DCEU? In any case, Vin Diesel is hoping for it, who said in an interview shortly before the film was released for CBR:

If you’re a Valiant Comics fan you’ll be delighted to hear – I think they’ll wait for the film to be released – that they release all of the Valiant Comics that fit into the cinematic universe. . It’s going to be very exciting. I would stay tuned.

It would indeed be interesting for Vin Diesel to produce a Valiant Cinematic Universe. But let’s first take a look at the now official sequel to Bloodshot.

Bloodshot 2: a sequel?

The founder and CEO of DMG Entertainment (one of the Bloodshot production companies), Dan Mintz, said in an interview with CBR that a sequel to Bloodshot is planned and Vin Diesel will repeat his role. Head:

I think that [Bloodshot] has done very well in this regard, a lot of people have seen it, and it worked very well in the post-release deployment, but you cannot use the same pre-COVID assessment process to measure this. Vin Diesel and all of these people are going to move on because the film worked well and the reception of the film was good.

As we can read, Dan Mintz only mentions Vin Diesel, so it’s not certain if Wilson will repeat his role as director or if all of the cast from the first Bloodshot will repeat their roles. However, using the vague term “all of these people”, one can imagine that some of them will make a big comeback in Bloodshot 2. We are now convinced: Bloodshot 2 is in the pre-production phase. The first of its kind is therefore granted a sequel, the release date of which is currently unknown.


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