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High-end PS5 steering wheel and pedals drop in price to play like a pro

Car racing games are always becoming more realistic on consoles than on PC and playing with a controller worsens the sensations compared to reality. If you want maximum sensations and great immersion you’ll need to invest in a steering wheel and pedal set, but you shouldn’t go for an entry-level model if you really want to have fun. In the sale you will find good deals such as the Thrustmaster T-GT II and its pedal set, which are enjoying a very nice reduction.

Thrustmaster T-GT II: a high-end model for maximum sensations

The Thrustmaster T-GT II is the official steering wheel for PlayStation 5 and Gran Turismo and is sold with its 3-pedal pedal set (accelerator, brake, clutch). However, it is still compatible with PlayStation 4 and Windows. Please note that this is not an entry-level or mid-range product and it shows in the finish with a leather steering wheel. The price still rose from 749.99 euros to 599.99 euros or 150 euros instant discount.

This super steering wheel features 25 action buttons, push buttons and 4 rotary selectors native to GT Sport (Differential, Traction Control, Fuel, Torque). On the steering wheel it has a motor with a power of 40 watts that offers very good force feedback. When cornering, you will feel like you are in a real car. Say goodbye to carbon in motors, Thrustmaster has chosen magnet technology (HEART) for unlimited life.

You can also customize the steering wheel as it is easily removable, so you can try your hand at F1, Rally and many other disciplines with less conventional steering wheels.

With the Thrustmaster T-GT II you are guaranteed to rediscover your racing games! And if you want a new TV, we have a great sale HERE.

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