Hichilema wins Zambia presidential election | free press

In the midst of a tangible economic crisis, Africa’s former model democracy has elected a new parliament and president.

Lusaka (dpa) – The landlocked state of Zambia in southern Africa is getting a new president. Opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema was declared the winner of the presidential election by the election committee on Monday evening.

Accordingly, Hichilema secured 2,810,757 votes, well ahead of incumbent President Edgar Lungu, whom 1,824,201 voters voted for. The capital Lusaka celebrated the election victory of Hichilema, who had previously been a candidate five times.

Hichilema supporters danced for joy in the streets of Lusaka, horn concerts and fireworks were also heard. Hichilema herself thanked voters on Twitter. The election in Africa’s former model democracy with its rich copper reserves took place amid a palpable economic crisis, political tensions and strict corona restrictions.

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