Hessian SPD leader receives letter “NSU 2.0” | Free press


For years, especially in Hesse, there were threatening letters from an “NSU 2.0” before a suspect was arrested in May. Now a new letter has appeared with the same signature.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The Hessian SPD State Chairman Nancy Faeser has received a letter with the signature “NSU 2.0”. The politician announced this on Twitter on Saturday.

The letter, which contained a white powder, was addressed to Faeser and arrived at the constituency in Hofheim am Taunus on Friday, an SPD spokesman said Saturday. An employee opened the envelope and alerted the police. Various media had reported about it before. According to the State Office of Criminal Investigation, the white matter was found to be harmless. The authority has not provided details on the content of the letter or the background. State security started an investigation.

Faeser shared on Twitter with “My family and I are doing well. One thing is clear: I will never be intimidated and will continue to fight resolutely against right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism. “

In early May, the alleged perpetrator of the series of right-wing extremist threats “NSU 2.0” was arrested. The letters included the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz, the left-wing chairwoman Janine Wissler and the comedian Idil Baydar, among others, received death threats against themselves and their relatives. In the case of the three women, personal information was obtained from police computers. With the signature “NSU 2.0” the letters referred to the terrorist cell NSU. The address of the SPD constituency in Hofheim is freely accessible.

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