He’s reinventing these cartoon characters in 3D and in an evil way

Imagine if the cartoon characters turned into real badass characters. Like the lovely Winnie the Pooh who becomes a bear who dresses in Louis Vuitton and prefers banknote jars to honey jars, or even Tom and Jerry who become smokers …

This is what the artist Gal Yosef envisioned, signing a range of 3D illustrations featuring Looney Toons, Disney characters, or from pop culture in general, like you’ve never seen them before! And the result is frankly incredible.

It must be said that Gal Yosef has been practicing 3D art on Maya and egrunch since he was 13 years old. He mastered the subject until he founded his own studio Fuzion in Rishon LeZion, Israel’s fourth largest city.

We let you discover his illustrations below and to follow the artist visit social networks, especially with his Instagram account.

Donald Duck

Titi and Grosminet


Lola rabbit

Tom Jerry


Winnie Pooh

Mr. Pringles

Bugs Bunny

Mickey mouse

Daffy Duck and Woody

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