he’s recreating Chris Hemsworth, and the result is impressive


The Sims 4 is always popular in the hearts of fans and for some a way to share their more or less successful creations. To date, this ultra-realistic reproduction from Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is the latest.

Still a popular title

The Sims 4, released in 2014, is the last part of the license for fans of life simulation to this day. A longevity that is partly explained by the release of many updates and patches that seduce players and allow Electronic Arts to continue benefiting from its title before moving on.

For example, on November 30, 2021, a major update came to improve the base game. This made it possible to make neighborhood life more believable by adding more advanced AI for the NPCs that revolve around their Sim. As a result, the neighbors have gained more free will in their actions, these actions are determined by their friends, family, their own lonely thoughts and of course you, since you can interact with them to influence them.

more faithful than a robot portrait

In addition to modifying the core of the game, you can add other objects, colors, or styles to customize your Sim (almost) indefinitely. For example, there were these two updates from October that integrated the oriental and Korean styles. When styles are added the possibilities are endless. One user on Reddit got it right and enjoyed recreating actor Chris Hemsworth.

This internet user named Golyhawhaw shared his work on the social network that quickly became very successful as it cries out for realism. With 97% positive opinions, this avatar of the famous Australian actor revealed for his character by Thor in the MCU has undoubtedly generated its share of positive reactions.

Damn it, that’s impressive.

I am never able to mimic the features of real people in a Sims game, it takes a lot of skill.

wowza ud83eudd29. I’m on the phone and the thumbnail looks like a real photo lol.

This is the most accurate reconstruction I’ve ever seen. Impressive!

Posted 16 hours ago on r / thesims, the official Sims subreddit, Hemsworth’s screenshot has generated 4,500 upvotes and over a hundred comments so far. It must be said that everything is there: jaws, eyebrows, eyes …

As for you, what do you think of Golyhawhaw’s work? Don’t hesitate to share your feelings in the comments.