He’s proud to have filled an arena with a weak Pokémon for more than three years. He immediately regrets it


Years go by and despite an undeniable loss of speed, Pokémon GO remains one of the most played mobile games in the world. The evidence is that Niantic’s application grossed more than $ 1 billion via in-app purchases in 2020. Many players play it regularly, like this American who had an arena for over 3 years. Problem: Internet bragging attracts the attention of as many people as it does scammers.

too bad for him

Earlier this week, a gamer named u / BootsMade4Walking shared on Reddit his personal achievement of having occupied an arena for over 1,331 days. An achievement that was achieved with a Feunard with a combat strength of only 508. For comparison: a monaflemite can have a combat strength of 4431. A relatively weak Pokémon that allowed him to control an arena for more than 3 years.

But his post caught the attention of unscrupulous gamers. And after just a few hours, his personal performance ended there. As he himself pointed out, an impostor managed to spot the busy arena in order to give it its place. BootsMade4Walking hadn’t even shared the location of the arena, the fraudster in question took care of looking for it themselves.

After BootsMade4Walking stole their property, it eventually disclosed the exact location of the arena. And if the latter has remained occupied by such a weak Pokémon for so long, it is because it is on a mountain top at an altitude of 1,920 meters. This arena is located next to the Blue Mountain Observatory near the town of Lolo, Montana, and is inaccessible for most of the year due to the snow.

The only way to get there is on foot. In 2017, BootsMade4Walking finally managed to get their hands on this arena by interfering with a watchtower due to nearby fires. His Feunard remained the undisputed master for more than three years before he was recently disfellowshipped. Unfortunately, some gamers are reluctant to use third-party software to scam Pokémon GO, including the ability to go where they want with ease in real life without moving.

By the way, BootsMade4Walking doesn’t seem to hold the record for the longest occupation in the arena. As another Reddit user pointed out, a Weedbee has owned the arena for over 1,370 days. The coach behind this feat shouldn’t give any clues as to the location of the arena this time. It remains to be seen whether his Aspicot will manage to keep his post.