Here’s why Beerus wants Vegeta to outdo Goku


Vegeta’s new powers are insane and will surpass Goku’s latest transformation in Dragon Ball. However, he was supported by an overpowering being who ruled the Ultra Instinct.

Great support

Vegeta is about to outdo Goku after his final transformation. In Dragon Ball Super, this opportunity Vegeta possesses was granted by Beerus, the god of destruction. He has Ultra Instinct, which Vegeta never wanted to do since Goku learned it first. However, if he really wants to outdo Goku, he has to find an alternative. In Chapter 73 we see that Vegeta is equipped with a new transformation that enables him to live up to the Ultra Instinct. But that’s just because Beerus has an interest in Vegeta surpassing Ultra Instinct in terms of potency.

For his part, Goku continues to perfect the ultra-instinct. When Vegeta starts to argue with Beerus, who is tired of this technique, we see his game a little more clearly and discover that he despises it because we need to find peace and quiet. He prefers to blow everything up, as befits a god of destruction. Plus, Ultra Instinct is an angel technique that Beerus doesn’t like.

Vegeta on the voice of destruction

Vegeta and Goku receive a mission from mysterious aliens. These are actually part of a conspiracy led by Cerealian Granolah to kill them. Beerus gives Vegeta an accessory that he can attach to his earlobe, which means that he has definitely stepped into the voice of destruction and can lead it at will. This is a rare enough occurrence to be noticed as Beerus doesn’t typically invest that much in creatures. The latter thinks that Vegeta’s ability to wield the power of destruction is flawless and that it can surpass the Ultra Instinct ruled by Goku.

Beerus was arguably able to raise Vegeta, who, incidentally, is generally reluctant to obey instructions. This is the first time the God of Destruction has invested so much emotionally. Vegeta also had to mature during his training, which resulted in Beerus coming to his aid. Beerus despises Ultra Instinct so much that he desperately wishes an alternative solution could surpass it, and to him Vegeta could be the person who can end his supremacy.

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