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Here’s when Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts in VF

The Harry Potter reunion special, titled Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts, has been the subject of much talk in early 2022. And it seems that it is not over yet, as we have just learned that the episode in question would be broadcast in France, on VF and on TV, at a closing date.

Harry Potter Reunion Special

Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts has been available on the Salto streaming platform since January 1st. This, as you know, is a surprise reunion for the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The opportunity to find the biggest stars of the license and to discover different and varied anecdotes. 1h30 full of dialogues and events where Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Gary Oldman or even Ralph Fiennes lend themselves to the game.

This particular episode obviously aims to tickle fans’ nostalgia, and it’s quite successful, according to those who have been waiting for this episode for a very, very long time. This Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts is particularly moving indeed, reminding us at every moment just how much this cinematic (and literary) saga is cross-generational and timeless. And we will soon have the opportunity to discover this special reunion episode in VF on TV.

A specific date and channel for the episode in France

To find the special reunion episode in VF (and we hope the dubbing work will be of quality for all fans of the Harry Potter saga) you must go to TF1 on Friday March 11, 2022. A date to remember I want to discover or rediscover this episode that has discouraged many fans around the world.

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