Here’s how to access the 20 games in the PS + collection on PS4 (God of War, Bloodborne, Detroit).


In mid-September, Sony presented the PS + Collection, a catalog of 20 must-have PS4 games available to PlayStation Plus PS5 subscribers. With the release of the next-gen console, these games are now available. However, it is also possible to play it on PS4. As? ‘Or what? You just need to read the procedure carefully.

20 PS4 classics

In order to compete with Microsoft’s excellent Game Pass and attract players to the PlayStation 5, Sony has released details of its PS + collection. 20 PS4 classics for PlayStation Plus subscribers who own a PS5, but also for PS4 owners. As a reminder, the affected games are as follows:

God of WarBloodborneMonster Hunter WorldFinal Fantasy XVFallout 4Mortal Kombat XUncharted 4: The End of a Thief & ClankDays GoneUntil DawnDetroit: Becoming HumanBattlefield 1inFamous: Second SonBatman Arkham KnightThe Last GuardianThe Last of Us RemasteredPersona 5Resident Eviled 7

An offer designed to attract undecided gamers who can benefit from an extensive catalog without having to spend more than one PlayStation Plus subscription. No additional costs will be charged for already subscribed players. A stroke of luck that is also available for PlayStation 4. In fact, it is possible to get your hands on these games without a PS5. Even so, you’ll need to access a PS5 in some way, preferably through a console owned by someone you trust.

Quick and easy to use

Once the console is in, you’ll need to connect your PlayStation Network account to it. Then you need to follow the instructions below:

Go to the PlayStation Store icon in the PS5 menu. Press R1 to go to the Collections tab (a tab also accessible from the PlayStation Plus tab). Then add the games you want to your library. All you have to do is install them on your PS4 or an external hard drive.

Titles that you can then find on your PlayStation 4 after purchasing them on a PlayStation 5. You must have a PS5 to access this reserved content. Once the games have been added to your library, you can sign out and even change your password, which you never know. The 20 games in the PS + collection are therefore easy to access as long as you have access to a PlayStation 5. However, if any of your relatives have one, nothing will hold you back.