Here you can watch the Justice League in France when it is released

Last month, superhero fans were able to watch the first trailer for the Snyder Cut from the film Justice League. An expected version described as THE original version of this work with mixed results. Even so, Zack Snyder is honest and says his version will be frustrating. A movie slated for March 18 in the US, but what about France?

A Snyder cut is expected in France on March 18th

The Justice League Snyder Cut, launched on HBO Max in the US, is still eagerly awaited internationally. And given the different health restrictions that are set individually, it’s hard to know where to turn. Especially since the fans made an effort to get the release of this much desired version. Even so, Warner saw a way to capitalize on a film with disappointing results, a win-win ending, you might say. The release dates and relevant platforms per country have been published on the official Snyder Cut website.

Thus, it is possible to find the release date of the Snyder Cut for France as well as the platforms on which it can be viewed. So fans of DC movies will be reassured to know that the movie will be released on the same day in the US and France. The platforms will be available on:

iTunes & Apple TVAmazonPrime VideoGoogle PlayYouTubeSony PlayStationMicrosoft Xbox Rakuten TVOrangeCanalVODBbocSFR (March 31st) FilmoTV (March 31st) Videofutur (March 31st) Universcine (March 31st)

16 different platforms and channels where the Snyder Cut can be found. It remains to be seen how much the ad will cost. For the time being, Warner Bros. France has not communicated anything. The French branch still has a little time to provide this expected information. The appointment will therefore take place on March 18th. And in the meantime, you can always revisit Joss Whedon’s version to compare the two when the Snyder Cut is released.

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