Here is the solution to getting cats to definitely fall in love with you

The cat is such a cute animal, but we miss its character traits. It can often be difficult for its owner or loved one to recognize signs of affection in the animal. A study by British ethologists (scientists who study animal behavior) at the University of Sussex shows us what to do to get a cat to approach you.

You have beautiful eyes that you know

A study by British ethological researchers, published in Scientific Reports, looked at the emotional behavior of cats. How do we get our furry companion to take care of us? It would simply be a matter of returning to the cat the slow blink of the eyes so characteristic of this animal.

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Two experiments enabled them to come to this conclusion. On the one hand, they asked 14 cat owners (out of a total of 21 cats) to practice blinking their pets. What was their surprise to the vast majority, who saw their cute companions do the same to them. The second part of the experiment consisted of introducing 24 new cats into contact with strangers who were familiar with the concept of the wink. A great success for this test as the cats naturally went to humans.

The scientists welcomed these results:

We have proven that slow blink interactions appear to be a positive experience for cats and can be an indicator of positive emotions.

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