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“New In Town”: The big city air news this Saturday on CNN

NiT’s lifestyle magazine is back with news, reports, interviews and the biggest openings of the last few days.

This week of New In Town, which will air on CNN Portugal on Saturday, December 15th, from 10:30 am on, has some news not to be missed. This time we visited Quattro Teste in Mouraria in Lisbon, a new Basque-Italian bar full of pintxos and cocktails; the club, a gym that is only accessible to people over 50; and Saisho Ramen restaurant in Lisbon, which has the sweetest cakes in town.

It’s also a great opportunity to visit Fábrica do Azeite in downtown Porto, a place with a small mill where you can see and immediately taste how olive oil is made. We also stopped by the Volver de Carne Y Alma restaurant, a steakhouse full of Argentine news.

In between we interviewed Sérgio Godinho about his latest book “Palavras São Imagens São Palavras”, with photographs he took during the pandemic, accompanied by a series of poems. And we’ll show you Kabuki, the new sushi house in Lisbon that ended up in the Ritz galleries.

The program will be moderated by the duo of journalists Filipa Tojal and Nelma Tavares, who will be accompanied by special reports by Marcos Pinto and Sara Ribeiro. All videos will be available on the NiTtv platform and on NiT, YouTube and Instagram social networks.

All segments are accompanied by a QR code so that viewers can open the relevant links directly on the NiT website. That way, they can even follow a GPS map on their cellphone that will guide them to the destination they just saw on TV.

Every Friday there is also a special program from NiT on TVI’s “Jornal das 8”. Stay tuned.