Here comes the new SIC novel with Júlia Palha

Here comes the new SIC novel with Júlia Palha

The TV station has already published a teaser on social media. It should replace “Terra Brava”.

Júlia Palha will play Fátima.

SIC has already started anticipating its new novel with Júlia Palha. With no release date or official title yet, it should be on TV in the coming months and the scenario is Serra da Estrela. The TV station shared a teaser on social media.

At the center of the story is a war between two women. Carlota Espinho (Sofia Alves) is the most powerful woman in the mountains and doesn’t allow anyone to stand in the way of her family. When Fátima (Júlia Palha) meets Tomás, a savior from the Alps, her passion is inevitable. Except that Tomás is engaged to Carlota’s daughter Mariana, a rival of Fátima’s youth.

Devastated by the death of her brother, Fatima is determined to seek justice – even if she has to face Carlota’s powerful family as a result. In the struggle for the truth, the protagonist is faced with a secret that not only affects the village in which she lives, but above all Carlota. In the SIC grid, it should replace “Terra Brava”.

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