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Here comes Fátima Lopes’ new program: “Send the story and I will be here to receive you.”

Here comes Fátima Lopes’ new program: “Send the story and I will be here to receive you.”

The presenter is leaving “A Tarde é Sua” and will be on the TVI antenna on Saturday evening.

Here comes the moderator’s new program.

Fátima Lopes announced that registration for her new program, which depends on public participation, is now open. The invitation was made by the moderator in social networks: “My new project is already underway. Submit your story and I’ll be here to receive you. “

Remember that the presenter is leaving “A Tarde is Yours”, a decision made recently and already after Cristina Ferreira’s return to Queluz de Baixo, not only as presenter but also as entertainment and fiction director. In 2021, Fátima Lopes will leave the daily and daily schedule to take care of a new program on the channel on Saturday evening. Manuel Luís Goucha will replace it with “Goucha” in the afternoon. Read NiT’s interview with the moderator.

The new program is inspired by the format of an Italian program called “C’e posta per te”. Cristina Ferreira has already expected it and promises a “large format” that will take care of Saturday nights next year.

In the Instagram post in which she made the invitation, Fátima Lopes also gave a taste of what’s to come. It is a real story program that gives participants the opportunity to tell someone special words that have remained unspoken. Anyone who wants to participate can send their stories to the email message@nulltvi.pt.


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