Here comes a new podcast about happiness


“The Happiness Mentality”: A new happiness podcast comes to NiTfm

Miguel Lambertini and Abbadhia Vieira will invite the guests and invite them weekly to join the conversation.

The pandemic and restrictions, especially the first, made most people think more about their personal goals and about what they really want in life. Many probably won’t have reached big conclusions, but another part will. While health is probably the greatest goal of all, the next is probably happiness.

In the constant search for happiness or to be happy, one of the biggest obstacles is often not knowing how to get there. How can you be happy, what is the secret, how do you achieve it when some of the things we do every day keep us from this goal?

The answers to these and other questions are suggested by the humorists Miguel Lambertini and Abbadhia Vieira. With the podcast “The Happiness Mentality”, which is broadcast weekly on Monday on NiTfm, they try to help you to achieve this happiness in both professional and personal areas.

“The idea is part of a training that we also conduct for the business environment,” explains NiT Miguel Lambertini, stating that the goal is “to live life in order to achieve the best possible moments of happiness”.

In a program of approx. 20 minutes, it will be possible to hear guests from different areas who deal with these topics from a psychological point of view, have success stories or are, for example, artists. Here you can also learn some tips for everyday life to create moments that generate more happiness.

Relaxed and always with a humorous component, the podcast will of course have a “good mood” and good luck. The first program provides some sort of introduction to the subject, including dates such as studying the world happiness report.

One of the already confirmed guests is Brazilian businessman Ricardo Bellino, an entrepreneur and expert in the field of happiness, the spirit and how the pandemic has changed our lives.