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Here are the nominations for the worst films of 2021

The nominations for the Razzie Awards (a ceremony that pays tribute to the worst cinematic films) for 2021 have been released and this latest one may not please everyone, particularly Bruce Willis, who has a category at the Razzie Awards all to himself.

The Razzie Awards

The Golden Raspberry Awards, often abbreviated to the “Razzie Awards”, is a ceremony that takes the form of a parody of film awards. Established in 1981 to represent the opposite of the Oscars, the annual awards are given to the worst actors, screenwriters, musicians, directors and films in the entire film industry.

Traditionally, the nominations for the Razzie Awards are announced the day before those for the Oscars, and the awards are presented the day before the Academy Awards. We let you take note of the nominations for 2021 that have just been announced.

The nomination list for this year

In the category “worst film” are named:

Diana the Musical (Netflix Version)InfiniteKarenSpace Jam: New EraThe Woman in the Window

In the category “worst actor” are named:

Scott Eastwood, in Dangerous, Roe Hartrampf, (as Prince Charles), in Diana, the Musical, LeBron James, in Space Jam: New Ere, Ben Platt, in Dear Evan Hansen, Mark Wahlberg, in Infinite

In the category “worst actress” are named:

Amy Adams, in The Woman in the Window, Jeanna de Waal, in Diana the Musical, Megan Fox, in The Prey, Taryn Manning, in Karen, Ruby Rose, in Vanquish

In the category “worst male supporting role” are named:

Ben Affleck, The Last Duel, Nick Cannon, The Misfits, Mel Gibson, Dangerous, Gareth Keegan (as James Hewitt), Diana the Musical, Jared Leto, House of Gucci

In the category “worst female supporting role” are named:

Amy Adams as Dear Evan Hansen, Sophie Cookson as Infinite, Erin Davie (as Camilla), as Diana the Musical, Judy Kaye (as Queen Elizabeth and Barbara Cartland), as Diana the Musical, Taryn Manning as Every Last One of Them

In the Bruce Willis’ Worst Performance in a Movie of 2021 category (yes, Bruce Willis has his own category at the Razzie Awards):

Bruce Willis, in American SiegeBruce Willis, in ApexBruce Willis, in Cosmic SinBruce Willis, in L’ImpasseBruce Willis, in FortressBruce Willis, in La PreieBruce Willis, in Race Against DeathBruce Willis, in Survivre

In the “worst couple on screen” category are:

Every duo in Diana, the Musical, LeBron James and every Warner cartoon character in Space Jam: New Era, Jared Leto and every other House of Gucci character, Ben Platt, every other Dear Evan Hansen character, Tom and Jerry in Tom and Jerry, the movie

In the worst remake category are named:

Karen (unintended remake by Cruella deVil)Space Jam: New EraTom & Jerry the MovieTwist (rap remake by Oliver Twist)The Woman in the Window

In the category “worst director” are named:

Christopher Ashley, Diana the Musical, Stephen Chbosky, Dear Evan Hansen, Coke Daniels, Karen, Renny Harlin, The Misfits (Les Miserables), Joe Wright, The Woman in the window”.

The “worst case scenario” category includes:

Diana the Musical, written by Joe DiPietroKaren, written by “Coke” DanielsThe Misfits, written by Kurt Wimmer and Robert HennyTwist, written by John Wrathall and Sally CollettThe Woman in the Window, written by Tracy Letts

And you, which nominations for the Razzie Awards 2021 do you find particularly justified? We’ll let you answer this question via our comments section! And if you want to know the results of the Razzie Awards for 2020, you can consult our previous article on the subject.


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