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Here are the films the Matrix star recommends

Keanu Reeves is not only a great actor but also seems to be a big movie fan. In a recent interview, the Neo in Matrix interpreter lifted the veil on his list of favorite movies. This is an opportunity to confirm the star’s very eclectic taste, mixing great classics of American cinema with lesser-known films…

Movies recommended by Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is a very popular actor with fans. And with good reason, he’s a true cinema enthusiast who knows what he’s talking about when he tackles the subject. Not convinced? Here’s new proof that the Matrix and John Wick star has very strong taste in movies.

During an interview with Esquire, Keanu Reeves shared a list of 18 films that he thinks everyone should see. This was revealed to his partner in the Matrix, namely Carrie-Anne Moss, who asked his opinion on films to watch with her children.

Productions that inspire moviegoers

The list revealed by Keanu Reeves makes us realize one thing, which is that the actor really has taste when it comes to movies. If you haven’t seen the productions that we present to you a little further down in this article, we strongly recommend that you check them out.

In this famous list we can find comedy, horror, western or even science fiction classics. But also famous films and others a little less known … In short, a catalog of quality and quality!

Here are the 18 films cited by Keanu Reeves:

The Neon Demon (a horror thriller starring him in the cast) A Clockwork Orange (by Stanley Kubrick) Rollerball (SF film) The Bad Batch (a thriller starring the actor again and available on Netflix available) Doctor Strangelove (by Stanley Kubrick) The Seven Samurai (by Akira Kurosawa) Amadeus (by Milos Forman) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Shakespeare adaptation) Evil Dead (horror film) Arizona Junior (by the Coen brothers) The Big Lebowski (also by The Coen Brothers)Nikita (by Luc Besson)Léon (also by Besson)Frankenstein Junior (by Mel Brooks)The Sheriff’s in Jail (also by Mel Brooks)Monty Python, Holy Grail (comedy)Josey Wales Outlaw Law ( Western with Clint Eastwood ) Mad Max 2: The Challenge (with Mel Gibson)

What do you think of this list? Do you share the same taste as Keanu Reeves? Tell us what you think in the comments. While you wait to read your answers, keep reading with this article that reveals who are the only two stars Keanu Reeves has already asked for an autograph.


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