Here are the films that will be shown in the deconfination and the conditions for attending the sessions

From December 15th, the cinemas will be able to reopen their doors “when the goals have been achieved”. Emmanuel Macron spoke on Tuesday to announce the date of a gradual deconfiguration, which will therefore begin in mid-December.

The new films that mark this reopening

While the dark rooms have not received any spectators since October 30, many film releases have been delayed. Many productions should therefore be shown from December 15th. First of all, note that it will be possible to find certain films that were released a few months ago and, unfortunately, were suddenly discontinued due to the restriction. This is especially true for: Trolls 2 or The Little Vampire, to name just those films that are intended for the youngest.

Rest assured, many new productions are also jostling at the exit so that you want to show them in your cinemas.

Here is our list of the films that will be available from December 15, 2020 (if all goes well). Please note that only the films that have been confirmed so far are shown here and that all of this is only a non-listing. -exhaustive, which should be supplemented by other productions, which will also be announced a little later.

On December 15, two films will return that were successful in October, namely a maximum of 30 days by Tarek Boudali and Adieu les cons. Gaumont also uses the announcement of the return of the film produced by Albert Dupontel to declare that it would no longer be a novelty in theaters until February 2021.

Wednesday, one day after they reopen, requires theaters to show new films. Therefore Warner Bros. decided on December 16th to release Wonder Woman 1984 with us, while other productions like Mandibles or Slalom are planned by other distributors at the same time.

A week later, on December 23rd, three French films will be shown in theaters: Bac Nord, Le Discours and C’est la vie.

To stand out from the competition, Sound of Metal will be released on December 30th. As a reminder, the movie was originally scheduled for December 16th.

Sessions with curfew?

This is the question everyone is asking. Indeed, in his speech, the President mentioned the introduction of a curfew from the date of the end of the deconfination. It is then forbidden to drive from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. without a valid reason.

There was then confusion about adapting this curfew for the cultural sector. Theaters and cinemas were particularly hard hit by the crisis and asked the government for the possibility of offering evening events.

Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Culture, recently spoke on the subject and announced that there would be no special exceptions. Cinemas cannot therefore offer screenings after 9 p.m. All films must therefore end before 9 p.m. and will take place with strict use of the same barrier gestures as before the delivery. For spectators who need to go past this curfew to return home, please note that your ticket will serve as evidence in the event of an inspection.

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