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Here are the cheaper and more efficient smartphones that you can buy from Xiaomi, OnePlus, Asus, Google …

During its last keynote, Apple introduced the brand new iPhone 12. However, if you weren’t convinced by the price or the new features, here is a list of smartphones with a much more interesting value for money.

Google Pixel 5: Android no frills

This year, Google has reconnected with its past by offering a Pixel 5 with a very interesting price-quality ratio while maintaining unparalleled photo quality! In addition, Google smartphones have a surface without an overlay, as can be seen on Samsung devices. As a result, the Pixels will get a preview of the latest Android updates thanks to software monitoring that comes close to Apple’s.

In the end, the Pixel 5 offers unparalleled photo quality and a pure Google experience at a low price, as it is displayed with bonus headphones Bose QC 35 II for 629 euros!

OnePlus 8T: raw performance and super-fast charging

If you are primarily looking for a powerful and uncompromising mobile phone, the OnePlus 8T is for you. The latter adopted Qualcomm’s latest chip (Snapdragon 865) in conjunction with a large amount of RAM (8/12 GB depending on the model). In terms of storage space, you have a choice of 128 or 256 GB in UFS 3.1 2-LANE, which means that it offers very good transfer speeds. At the screen level, OnePlus struck hard with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, making it perfect for gaming. And to top it off, the OnePlus 8T has formalized 65W ultra-fast charging, which means it can go from 0 to 100% in just 30 minutes !!!

The OnePlus 8T is a smartphone with a very good price-performance ratio. In the end, we have a powerful smartphone that charges very quickly. It is available for less than 500 euros.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: the photo and power duo

This year, Xiaomi hit the nail on the head with an office in Europe, and particularly France, and the Mi10 Pro got everyone to come to an agreement last April.

The smartphone has a great 6.67 inch screen that is HDR10 + compatible and has a refresh rate of 90 Hz. In the DXOMark ranking, it rises to the first step of the podium with 128 points, eliminating Huawei, which no longer has access to the Play Store, and the Mi 10 Ultra, which is not available in our country. He succeeded in doing so thanks to a module with 4 sensors (48 megapixels, 12 megapixels, 48 ​​megapixels and 20 megapixels). Video pays off for the luxury of filming in 8K at 30 frames per second or in 4K at 60 FPS. For raw performance, the Snapdragon 865 is used, which is included in all high-end devices.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is therefore the reference photophone for 2020 and you can find it at a price of 799 euros when you withdraw in the store.

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro: the original

This fourth suggestion concerns the Asus ZenFone 7 Pro with a rotating camera called a Flip Camera. As with the previous models, we are on a high-end mobile phone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chip and 8 GB of RAM. Back to that famous camera: the motorized block that houses the 3 sensors (64,12 and 8 megapixels) can aim forward for very high quality selfies and turn around for classic use. Plus, you can tilt it as you like for creative shots.

For this model it costs 737 euros, once again we are below the price of the iPhone 12.

Asus Rog Phone 3: The smartphone for games

In terms of the Asus Rog Phone 3, it is aimed at a clientele who plays a little, a lot, and insanely on their smartphone. The brand hasn’t gone through four performance paths since opting for Qualcomm’s most powerful chip, the Snapdragon 865+ at 3.1 GHz! As for random access memory (RAM) size, it’s the same: we have 12 or 16 GB in LPDDR5 so you can launch multiple games or applications without feeling a single slowdown. And for the storage we are on USF3.1 with an amount of 512 GB.

The other important point in gaming is the display. The 6.59-inch AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels has a refresh rate of 120 Hz with a response time of 1 ms. In addition, it is HDR10 compatible.

Asus also has a wide range of accessories to turn the smartphone into a real console.

Connectivity is via WLAN dual-band MIMI (2×2) 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.1. Finally, the autonomy is guaranteed by a BIG 6000 mAh battery that you need for long sessions!

Since its release, the price has dropped a lot and it is now possible to have it for just 541 euros.


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