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Here are the biggest threats on the internet

Today, January 28, 2022, is European Data Protection Day. We will explain to you what this tag is for, before discussing the main threats we can face on the Internet and how to protect ourselves from them.

European Data Protection Day 2022

The European Day for the Protection of Personal Data is an initiative of the Council of Europe at the initiative of the European Commission, which has solemnly declared 28 January as Data Protection Day every year.

This day took place for the first time on January 28, 2007 and its main purpose is to raise awareness among European citizens of the importance of protecting their personal data and respecting their fundamental rights and freedoms, especially their lives. In everyday life, much personal information is stored in files, shared with third parties, collated with other data, or used in a variety of ways, which is multiplied by the emergence of new and nomadic technologies.

Threats you may face

The threats that we can face through an electronic platform are indeed numerous and here are some of them:

The fake tech support scam Blackmailing a ‘hacked’ computer or webcam Fake money transfer ordersPhishing: Phishing, or ‘phishing’, often takes the form of a deceptive text message or email designed to trick the victim into encouraging them to submit personal and/or banking information by pretending to be someone they trust Fake Job Listing Scam Hacking Ransomware: Ransomware, also known as “ransomware”, is malicious software or a virus designed to gain access to the Blocks computer or its files and demands payment of ransom from victim. if the latter wants to regain access. Viruses Identity theft

How can you protect your data on your scale?

To avoid having to deal with these threats, you can adopt good habits at your level (and January 28th is the ideal day to start!) which, according to the CyberMalveillance website, include:

1) Strengthen your passwords

2) Make regular backups

3) Be mindful of updates as soon as they are offered to you

4) Remember to equip yourself with an antivirus

5) Download your apps from official websites

6) Beware of unexpected news

7) Always check the websites you are shopping on

8) Master your social networks

9) Separate your personal and professional use so a personal hack doesn’t endanger your entire business

10) Avoid public or unknown WiFi networks

And you, have you ever had to deal with any of the threats listed in this article? We invite you to answer this question via our comments section! And if you want to know how hackers used the success of Squid Game on Netflix to steal personal information, you can read our previous article on the subject.


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