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Here are the 5 games that will be available for free pickup in February

Like the Epic Games Store, Amazon offers PC gamers the opportunity to purchase “free” games each month as long as you’re an Amazon Prime member. After the particularly generous months of December and January, the number of games on offer decreases. Luckily the quality is there!

5 free games…

The 2021 holiday season is finally over. While Amazon still offered nine free games to its Prime members in January, this time it’s “only” five. Not enough to pout at his enjoyment, as it’s always more than what the Epic Games Store or Playstation Plus offers each month! The games of the month February are particularly varied and simply good.

Here are the games that all Amazon Prime subscribers can pick up from February 1st:

Stellaris is a strategy game set in space and allows you to take control of different alien races. It’s up to you to expand your civilization across the galaxy through force or diplomacy.

Ashwalkers: A Journey of Survival

Now a post-apocalyptic RPG with Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey. Between moral choices and resource management, it’s up to you to save your characters and get one of 34 different endings.

As Far As The Eye is a roguelike game that combines strategy and micromanagement (harvest, construction…). Help your tribe reach the center of the world safe and sound and face natural and unnatural events that will try to stop you.

Had a bad day or are you in the middle of a teenage crisis? Double Kick Heroes is for you! Drive a convertible and slaughter the zombies that stand in your way, all to a very rocking beat.

Finally, if you like football but find this sport too smart, golazo! Soccer League is a totally arcade oriented soccer game where offside and fouls have no place.

… but also ingame content!

Being an Amazon Prime member means getting free games every month, but also having access to exclusive in-game content. So let’s take a look at what Amazon has to offer you for the month of February.

7 Rare Gold Players, 2 Player Choices 82 OVR, 12 Rare Consumables and 1 Loan Player (Salah, for 20 matches) can be collected in Soccer Simulation 2022.

The MMO will offer the Mashup Pack (20,000 Moolas, 3 Gummy Balls and 10 Big XP Tokens) as well as a new pack available on February 1st (500 Blankos Bucks and an accessory).

The Warlord Pack (Squad Retreat, Random Redistributor, Redistributor, Anti-espionage (24h), Army Size Boost (20%), Larva Chest) is available for Amazon Prime members from February 7th to February 21st. From February 21st to March 7th, the progression pack can be purchased (60′ Acceleration, 60′ Accelerated Research, 60′ Accelerated Training, Noceros Breastplate and Griffin Chest).

To discover all the new features for the month of February 2022 related to games of the likes of Rainbow Six: Extraction, Roblox or even Fall Guys, you can consult the Amazon Prime Gaming website directly.


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