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Here are the 3 comics that inspired the director of the film, Matt Reeves

Many are waiting for the new version of the Batman universe with Matt Reeves’ next film: The Batman. In an exciting interview with our colleagues at Allociné, the director spoke at length about his references for the film The Batman, which hits theaters early next month, March 2nd, 2022. He described various films, events, but above all comics that inspired his vision of the character of Batman, which will undoubtedly be very different from what we’ve seen since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. When it comes to movies, Matt Reeves is no secret of his inspiration for Tim Burton and Nolan versus Zack Snyder. As for comics, it’s more complex, so here’s his small selection:

#1 Me (2000)

Darwyn Cooke is considered one of the best Batman comic writers. In a very retro graphic style that clashes with the character’s dark side, the Dark Knight flirts with madness in an exciting storyline as he rescues the person he’s been chasing until then, who commits suicide out of fear of reprisals from Batman commits. This trauma will drive Bruce Wayne to his last entrenchments and succumb to a joker madness of the finest effect.

What first appealed to me was that film noir, fatalistic atmosphere. This impossible fight against a corrupt world. The comics of Bob Kane and Bill Finger started off in that tone, and as I read, I was most interested in those that dealt most with the hero’s psychology and his darkness. So Darwyn Cooke’s “ego” was important because we see him fighting an inner struggle there. Bruce Wayne fights Batman there and it takes place indoors. The idea of ​​finding a way to bring it out like an internal conflict really appealed to me.

#2 A Long Halloween (1996)

The film’s first rumors predicted an adaptation of the comic book A Long Halloween. They’ve since been denied, but it’s still an inspiration for the director as the film begins on a Halloween night. In the comics, Batman is chasing a killer who only kills on holidays. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, but also and especially Halloween.

A long Halloween was important to The Batman. It is based on a long investigation surrounding a series of numerous murders. I wanted it to be a detective story, like any good classic noir film, that ends up involving him emotionally. I realized that A Long Halloween already has that. This is not surprising considering my screenwriting teacher is none other than Jeph Loeb, the screenwriter of this comic series. I knew he had done all of this around Batman, but I had never read about it before.

#3 Year One (1987)

Year One chronicles the first year of Batman’s career. His first experiences against the criminals of Gotham City, but also his first failures. Also, this comic will get an animated movie in 2011, the trailer of which is just above. This is what Matt Reeves says about him:

The first year was decisive for my exposure to comics. There’s something about Miller and Mazzuchelli’s tone and style that appeals to me. They found a way to make Batman such a down to earth, realistic and believable character. I wanted to focus on the fact that someone could actually be Batman.

Are you interested in this article? There’s a lot to be said for the upcoming The Batman movie, and a lot of the weight is on Robert Pattinson’s shoulders. The actor has invested a lot in the character, for better and for worse, as we have shared in this article. We also recommend checking out the full interview with Matt Reeves over at Allociné. The director talks about his cinematic inspirations for The Batman.


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