Here are the 11 funniest animals from the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


As always, the famous Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards photo competition rewards the funniest animal shots of the year. This competition, which highlights both the beauty and spontaneity of the daily life of these wild animals in their natural environment, is also a great way to have a good laugh! After an exceptional 2020 vintage with no less than 44 photos, we invite you today to discover the 2021 selection.

Animals in unexpected situations

Aside from the comical nature of the photos presented to you here, it is clear the great talent and (we have no doubt of that!) The immense patience that it took the winners of this 2021 edition to get the perfect shot. Trapping animals in their most innocent privacy is not for everyone, and that’s why these images are all the more valuable. Hide animals behind his photos, which for some may have lost their ecosystem due to human activity. There is a message of awareness associated with this, and humor is undoubtedly a good place to start. Without further ado, let’s get to the clichés.

# 1 “Sweet lips are to be kissed” – “Sweet lips are to be kissed” by Philipp Stahr

The photo was taken in Curaçao in the Caribbean Netherlands. It’s a boxfish.

# 2 “Houston, we had a problem” – “Houston, we had a problem” by Txema Garcia Laseca

The fish caught in this kingfisher’s beak seems very astonished.

# 3 “Quarantine Life” – “Quarantine Life” by Kevin Biskaborn

This photo, taken in southwest Ontario, shows the ingenuity of the mother raccoon as she fits her cubs into the space available to her.

# 4 “Yoga Bitter” – “Yoga Bitter” by KT Wong

This star bittern has already mastered the basics of yoga.

# 5 “Monday Morning Mood” – “Tuesday Morning Mood” by Andrew Mayes

This photo, taken in the Rietvlei nature reserve in South Africa, shows a bird of the two-tone Spréos species.

# 6 “Yay – it’s Friday!” – “Yes! It’s Friday!” by Lucy Beveridge

This antelope was captured mid-jump in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa.

# 7 “ROFL” by Giovanni Querzani

A seemingly hilarious lion cub pictured in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

# 8 “Happy” – “happy” by Tom Svensson

The surfer penguin seems to be having fun!

# 9 “Missed” – “Missed” by Lea Scaddan

These two kangaroos fought and one of them missed an excellent double kick.

# 10 “Bald eagle gets a surprise” – “The bald eagle gets a surprise” by Arthur Trevino

# 11 “Cranky Hippo” – “Grumpy Hippo” by Rohin Bakshi