Henry Cavill’s arrival at the MCU is taking shape


Henry Cavill is a very busy man. A busy schedule for an actor with already iconic roles. Superman in the DCEU, Geralt de Riv alongside the series The Witcher on behalf of Netflix, characters that enabled him to make a name for himself among the most popular actors of our time. But with the Briton heading for a Highlander restart, his arrival at the MCU would be clearer.

Henry Cavill in Britain captain?

It’s been months since Henry Cavill got the tip to play the character of Captain Britain in the MCU. While his presence in the DCEU ended at the same time his character was restarted, the British actor was in the limelight. As the new darling of the big productions, Cavill has lent his features in particular to the witcher Geralt von Rivia and the detective Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes on behalf of Netflix.

Henry Cavill is now detached from the DCEU and can in turn integrate the MCU. The House of Ideas would also be interested in the idea of ​​dealing with it. According to the UK site Small Screen, Cavill visited Marvel’s London offices earlier this year to meet his interlocutors in person. Information that is not necessarily up-to-date but can finally be confirmed, hence the publication of Small Screen.

Even so, the British side cannot share the theme of the Cavill and Marvel talks. However, given the rumors circulating, the role of Captain Britain would be on the carpet. As a reminder, the actor has a particularly busy schedule. Season 2 of The Witcher franchise is underway, followed by Cavill’s presence on the poster for Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle (Kick-Ass, X-Men: The Beginning, Kingsman: Secret Service and The Golden Circle, The King’s Man: First Mission) and completed by a possible restart of Highlander which the actor would be present at and a sequel to Enola Holmes.

Although Henry Cavill continues filming for major productions, an arrival at the MCU cannot be ruled out. And with good reason, Marvel can easily team up with the British actor for a Disney + series or future integration into a future saga. It remains to be seen whether their expectations and their possibilities match sufficiently to develop a concrete project. But for now we have to settle for big rumors of a possible arrival of Henry Cavill in the MCU. A fan has already anticipated the blow by imagining what the actor might look like in a British superhero costume. His powers are reminiscent of Supermans, namely superhuman powers and reflexes and the ability to fly at high speed.

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