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“Hell’s Kitchen”: Welcome to the practice of Dr. stanisic

“Hell’s Kitchen”: Welcome to the practice of Dr. stanisic

The latest episode of SIC’s reality show borrowed notes from Dr. Made Phil’s program and proved that the chef plays on a couch. Read the NiT Chronicle.

Cook, books are for reading, not for hitting

Unlike usual, this Sunday, January 23 episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” embraced the reality of not being a cook-off. It started with a feast of tears and sighs, at which Dr. Ljubomir Stanisic gave a lesson in emotional intelligence, interspersed with more or less touching stories from the participants.

One by one, the apprentice cooks were presented with photographs of themselves as children and also invited to tell stories from their past. Between tales of frustrated musical careers and domestic violence — and the inevitable flashback to wartime by the host confessing to “stabbing his father in the back” — Pedro was one of the most touched.

The therapy session from the playbook of a certain Dr. Phil – who surprisingly like Dr. Stanisic does not have a medical license – culminating in a scene with high meme potential. Faced with (another) missed goal, Stanisic countered.

“Before you leave here I’ll buy you a book so you don’t walk around with your head down. So you do not complain that you suffered a lot in childhood. So you don’t complain about your family. To grow and become someone,” he said. “You come home and it takes all day…” he explains, before repeatedly hitting a 34-year-old tall man on the head with a book on national television.

It was perhaps the most ironic and poetic moment coming out of the kitchen of “Hell’s Kitchen,” and that didn’t even need a pretty coat of paint. A chef known for his short-tempered temper gives a lesson in “emotional intelligence” while smashing a heavy book written by an expert on the subject into the head of one of the participants.

The remaining hour of the program was more or less the same: classic dishes of Portuguese cuisine murdered in a public square; a special service of Mexican cuisine that revisits all the clichés, from the piñata to the sombrero; and Maria’s inevitable expulsion, which should have happened two weeks ago, is saved only by a “contortionism” on the part of the presenter.

The new season of Hell’s Kitchen may yet be at its worst when, like Dr. Phil also Dr. Stanisic is more about staging a sad, dramatic spectacle from the lives of the candidates. The first step? Read the books that make you hit chefs over the head.

Experts in the field also say that one of the signs of low emotional intelligence is the “inability to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.” The “tend to emotional outbursts”. “Aggression, in whatever form, is one of the greatest obstacles to emotionally intelligent communication.”


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