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“Hell’s Kitchen”: Viktoriia throws Rafael, Pedro out and skillfully does the same as the Russians

“Hell’s Kitchen”: Viktoriia throws Rafael, Pedro out and does it skillfully with the Russians

The little Ukrainian girl stirs up Stanisic’s kitchen. Vladimir Putin, take care.

“Tomatoes, tomatoes. Does anyone need tomatoes?” Pedro asks halfway through the service. Viktoriia, in progress, registers and looks at the competitor. “Tomatoes?” he says. “Hasn’t yours arrived yet?”

Between laughter the only one who kept his face dark was Pedro. “I’m sick of this Mimimi,” he says. “I was very patient with her because if it had been someone else I would have sent her to the whore who gave birth to her.”

The strategy of the small Ukrainian-turned-bearded Portuguese paid off – whether she had that goal or not. Pedro never scored again, made mistake after mistake and pushed himself to the limit. “Are you tired of being here?” asked the chef. “Yes.” And left never to return.

In this way, Viktoriia pulled off a masterpiece in just two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. Last week he managed to keep two strong opponents at bay with his breakout.

Faced with the possibility of deportation, she took up arms and accused Rafael of not helping anyone. After all, Rafael was about to leave at that very moment. And he even boasted about Pedro’s behavior outside the kitchen: he would send messages to all the women on the “to pinar” program.

Peter didn’t leave, but he was touched. The jokes and stress built and broke the contestant, who Stanisic accused of a “lack of emotional intelligence.”

It’s not even the first time that Viktoriia has saved herself from the abyss thanks to tears from the cook. It happened a few episodes ago and it happened again in the previous one. Now, and despite everyone recognizing her limitations in the kitchen – she was voted the weakest member of the team by everyone – she remains firmly in the bottom five in the blue jacket.

And it’s five, because this Sunday, February 13, there was another round of Catarina vs. Olga – with the surprise appearance of a tag team between Olga and Vanessa. The tearful therapy session brought about a change: Catarina went from red to blue.

In short, “Hell’s Kitchen” seems to have finally embraced what it always was: a pure and hard reality show. But let’s face it, it’s time for Viktoriia to go her own way. You will have more prospects out there. After all, it looks like Ukraine needs an expert to jettison its neighbors. And in this the little Ukrainian seems to be a real expert.


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