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“Hell’s Kitchen”: Sabotage, incompetence or a bit of everything?

“Hell’s Kitchen”: Sabotage, incompetence or a bit of everything?

Experienced professionals spread out lengthwise. Amateurs set fire to teams. Finally, what happens in the program?

create conspiracy theories.

The second season of “Hell’s Kitchen” began with an inexplicable moment for Branca, the rude and uncomfortable contestant who starred at a first dinner that was quiet and presentation-only. But was that really the goal?

Beside him, the other competitors frowned, which immediately raised a suspicious question: was it sabotage? Was Branca an infiltrator chosen less for her cooking skills and more for her talent for causing trouble?

As the episodes progress, and now that we’re heading into week four – the final chapter aired on SIC this Sunday, January 16th – something really seems amiss with the cast of the contenders. And every Sunday the theory is reinforced that not everything works out in this competition.

A competition to remember, where the rules are deliberately and repeatedly broken by the moderator. It is therefore not surprising that when selecting the men and women of the brigades, professionals who have cooked in some of the best restaurants in the world and amateurs who have little more than a family cookbook in their hands are selected side by side. .

The decision might seem far-fetched considering you want to host a cooking competition. It’ll be more acceptable if we assume the show’s main goal is to fight another competing reality show with the same weapons — and damn the kitchen.

This dubious selection of competitors does not only apply to the Portuguese version. Over the years, the same selection has been questioned by viewers; and even several former competitors have raised the issue. Many of the contestants are chosen for their explosive, selfish, and highly explosive temperaments in high-stress environments like Hell’s Kitchen.

Perhaps this explains the presence in this edition of Olga, the eternal thorn in the side of the red team, who has already been threatened twice by Stanisic and rescued at the limit. Or Catarina, the young woman with experience in serving at the table, but who apparently applied for the role of speaker.

This selection of unprofiled candidates isn’t the only mystery worthy of a conspiracy theory. The fact is that even seasoned professionals melt in the heat of Ljubomir Stanisic’s kitchen.

There is fish that is served extremely salty, meat that is placed on the plate raw, even to the point of trying to heat food on an uncovered plate. Is everyone really incompetent? Among the possible explanations: There is talk of stress and the aggressive environment that is created around the competitors, which multiplies the error. But maybe there is more to it than that.

I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories — but let’s be honest, if there’s an ideal environment to flex that creative muscle it’s the harmless, goofy world of reality television — I tend to agree with many of the former contestants who accuse the productions of totally provoking chaos in the kitchens.

Tek Moore, a season 6 contestant on the North American version of the show, gave his testimony. “Production came in there and fiddled with the ingredients, changed the salt and sugar — all to make us look like perfect jerks,” he revealed. This could be Bruno de Carvalho’s only 24-hour fight formula, locked in a house in a fluorescent tracksuit.


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