“Hell’s Kitchen”: Lucas may have gotten away with it, but Super Francisca showed she had it all


“Hell’s Kitchen”: Lucas may have gotten away with it, but Super Francisca showed she had it all

The humorist and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the SIC program.

The program had a semi-final this Sunday.

In the most recent episode of Hell’s Kitchen, which aired overnight on SIC on Sunday 23 May, Rafaela returned to Pontevel to play the ball and the elimination dictated that the four semi-finalists Lucas, Francisca, Cândida and were Ruth.

The participants won new black coated jackets, almost like a distinctive martial arts belt, because they had managed to take over Chef Ljubomir’s club for weeks.

In this final stage, and in a cuter version, the Chef of 100 Maneiras presented each of the semi-finalists with a bespoke wooden box containing items and flavors related to each person’s personality. Strangely enough, and despite the constant sick face, Lucas’s box had none of those bags to throw on airplanes.

“You have to prepare your dream menu with five dishes, it has to be your face, your roots and your guts,” explains the chef after everyone has opened their boxes. However, this was one of the most difficult tasks as the participants only had four hours to cook five author dishes: two starters, one fish dish, one meat dish, and one dessert.

To support this task, each of the participants had the support of a guest chef. André Lança Cordeiro and Vasco Coelho Santos joined the already classic chefs Manuel Maldonado and Hugo Nascimento. Each of them gave the competitor tips that came out of a draw, which, given the experience of these kitchen professionals, would in principle be a great advantage. In principle, because when we talk about Lucas, it may not be so.

“Chef, let me do it like this, folks,” Lucas says to Chef Maldonado, who at that moment must have been in the mood to cook the competitor over low heat but decided to say, “Okay, do what you do want.” leaving the kitchen, which is exactly the same tone of contempt my wife uses when I say I know the way to a place and, in fact, I don’t.

Apart from the fact that, like me, things went well in the end – more U-turns, fewer U-turns – and Lucas managed to present five dishes that were only one point away from the maximum number of points. Yes, because this was obviously attributed to Super Francisca, who once again showed that she has what it takes to become a great cook and this edition’s big winner.

Cândida and Rute, on the other hand, stayed on the street, but were able to take their coats as a consolation prize. That way you can always remember the great achievement of reaching the semi-finals of “Hell’s Kitchen” … without killing each other.