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“Hell’s Kitchen”: Goodbye Ljubomir, bring Mama Rosa

Horns, drums, bureks and a pair of stanisics. This episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” on Sunday May 9th was a crazy trip to the Balkans, the region where Ljubomir Stanisic was born. But this time, unlike in the other weeks, the chef was not the main actor in the kitchen.

As soon as he comforted the participants with news from the family, Ljubomir took the opportunity to introduce his mother to Rosa, the “great warrior” who “fed the family during the war”. Don’t let the sweet air fool you: Stanisian blood runs through your veins and it wasn’t long before the competitors realized what to expect.

As in a film by Emir Kusturica, joy and surrealism took over. While the participants were sweating and trying with trembling hands to send the tasting menu of Yugoslav dishes, a band roamed the kitchen, intoning the happy and lively sounds of Balkan music.

Mama Rosa, an experienced cook, would take the chef’s place in preparing the service. And it cannot be said that Ljubomir did not warn. “I’m just telling you one thing: be careful,” he remarked before work began.

Rosa Stanisic, who now works with the cook in her restaurants, gently opened the way: “We will work and cook with our hands. The smell of the food will stay in the kitchen and the smell of the food will stay in our soul. ” It did not last long.

The first destination: the improbable Francisca. “Better organize it, daughter,” he shot while setting up the stand for the competitor. “Very badly organized,” he notes. “It looks like you work a lot but do nothing.”

The new leader of “Hell’s Kitchen” hovered over all competitors, visibly confused by the new dishes. It was like that until he found a new victim.

Music entered the kitchen

Across the kitchen, João was peeling apples with trembling hands. At first Mama Rosa imitates him and gesticulates nervously. “It’s just an apple, my son. Never peeled apples at home? You have the easiest job ever. “

After an episode in which he was crucified, it was clear that John feared that this would be the day of the sacrifice. And in what seemed to depend on Matriarch Stanisic, the competitor would even be skinned. The sermon didn’t end there.

The use of the hotplate provoked Rosa Stanisic’s anger again. “Can you control the temperature here? Why are you cooking here? “. João tried to correct it but changed the steps. “Oh my mother. First you need to cook it. I said ten times: cook. “

The shock was visible and natural. After all, we all know that Ljubomir Stanisic is anything but delicate and what we can and should expect from the cruel commander. Nobody was prepared for this incarnation of the chef in the fresh air mother. Think genetic testing: there’s no doubt it’s mother and baby – and those who suffer are the ears of the competitors.

Not everything was a reprimand. In choosing the best, Rosa forgot the names, but not the benefits. “This boy who worked on the child. Cleaner, more organized, faster ”, praised Lucas, followed by Cândida and Rafaela. “And that person, close to the boy.” “Francisca,” remarked the cook. “He runs a lot in the kitchen, but he works very well,” he said in Serbian.

There was one more sermon that would determine the outcome of the program. After all, João was free from another beating session on national television. Hélder was the customer who followed. “Look, my son, is your job a cook?” Asked Mama Rosa, who forced him to eat the bacon he had cut a few minutes earlier.

Helder ate and didn’t like it. “The customer doesn’t like that. There’s a lot in there, what’s it called? “It was cartilage – the competitor’s first sin. The second didn’t take long to arrive.

During the preparation of the burek – small rolls of filo pastry filled with spinach and cheese – one of them is torn up and Hélder throws it all away. Unforgiven.

Immediately the two furious Stanisics stormed through the kitchen and surrounded the competitor. “What do I say every day?” Shoots Ljubomir. But the hardest words were left to the mother: “You are a great shame. That doesn’t work, ”she explains as she is being taken away by her son. Rosa shakes her head. Ljubomir freaks out.

“Didn’t I tell you that this woman was hungry all her life? What did you have to cook for us in the middle of the war? And you, in front of her, do you throw that in the trash? “

Rosa would eventually give way to her son during the service, which was eventually ruined by Hélder and the Bureks. After all, mother Stanisic was right and the competitor was sacrificed along with Diogo. João laughed in the background, still not believing how, not only did he survive the past week, but also escaped another elimination.

Injustice wasn’t all that was proven in the last episode of Hell’s Kitchen. It has also been proven that if one day Ljubomir is unable to run the kitchen, the choice can only be one: we want Mama Rosa back.


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