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Heil: Corona aid does not count towards basic safety | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Hartz IV recipients do not have to fear fines if they use the current state aid in the partial lockdown caused by the Corona crisis.

“I want to make sure that the November and December economic aid initiated by (Finance Minister) Olaf Scholz and the bridging aid 3 are not counted towards basic security,” said Dpa Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) in Berlin. . “We are now going to clarify that together in the coalition.”

The November support for companies and the self-employed such as artists is already very popular. The program started on Wednesday. On Thursday, about 17,000 applications had been submitted. The government had promised subsidies to restaurants and the self-employed, who have suffered from closures since the beginning of November in the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Who is the planned coverage of the basic safety benefits primarily intended for? Heil explained that these were self-employed people and other self-employed workers, “who have fallen in sales, but who often still depend on basic security for life”.

In this regard, the SPD politician recalled the simplified access to basic safety – for example, for artists economically affected by the pandemic. This will be decided next Friday by the Federal Council together with an increase in Hartz rates.

“And now we want to clarify how economic aid for the self-employed and social aid behave together”, says Heil. “This also depends on the assumption of the cost of housing, that is, of the apartment and the heating.” He assured: “There will be no bureaucratic controls in basic security, but the costs involved will be reimbursed.” Nobody has to worry about their apartment.

The Federal Council today also wants to give the green light for an extension of the simplified short-time working in times of crisis. Heil affirmed that short-time working is the most stable bridge across the currently deep economic valley. “As long as we need this bridge, we will organize it.” Companies and employees can “really rely on this”.

From the point of view of the Minister of Labor, Germany is in the deepest crisis “facing us in our generation”. With the resources of the state, especially the welfare state, the government tries to allay people’s existential concerns.

“I can’t really guarantee every job,” said Heil. Nobody could. “But we fight for every job, and we have the tools to do it.” The government expects “that we will certainly see little by little that the economy recovers over the next year”. All economic research institutes also assumed it. “Then you can also cut back on shorter working hours.”

The short-time working benefit will increase from the fourth reference month from the usual 60 percent of wages to 70 percent in the coming year – for people with children from 67 to 77 percent. From the seventh month of reduced working hours, there should be 80 or 87 percent of the wage. All workers posted with reduced working hours at the end of March 2021 should benefit from this. Mini jobs up to 450 euros remain credit-free.


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