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He was one of the most famous chubby actors in Hollywood – now he’s unrecognizable

He was one of the most famous chubby actors in Hollywood – now he’s unrecognizable

You may not know the name, but you have certainly seen several films with Ethan Suplee. You just never saw him with abs.

He spent most of the 25 years of his film career in the background, right behind the protagonists. It could have gone unnoticed if he hadn’t been a heavyweight. It was part of the character’s charm: who doesn’t remember the friendly Louie in “Duel of Titans”?

He was only 25 years old when he appeared in the film with Denzel Washington and a beardless Ryan Gosling. He was a violent Nazi on Forbidden America, a Goth on Butterfly Effect, and a realtor on The Wolf of Wall Street. Today, at 44, he is a completely different man.

You have been overweight for most of your life. At the age of 24, when he shone in the “Duel of the Titans”, he weighed almost 225 kilos. Two decades later, it’s hard to spot him without the proper note accompanying the picture: Ethan Suplee, actor.

The layer of fat has disappeared, as has the stomach, and in its place comes a six-pack of defined abdominal muscles. On paper, the goal has been set: to achieve 10 percent body fat.

Ethan Suplee in Forbidden America (1998)

This was not an instantaneous or even miraculous process. For a long time, Suplee resorted to sporadic diets to cope with the various roles that emerged. The results were not satisfactory and the mental and physical strain was evident.

After the role in “My Name Is Earl” (2005-2009) he decided to change his strategy. In 2011 the results were already evident. Suplee justified this with his recent obsession: bicycles. At the same time, he relied on a balanced diet as well as strength and strength training.

“I had to have nine percent body fat, but I rode my bike six to eight hours a day, six days a week. After two years, my wife said to me, “Oh idiot, you can’t retire and spend your life cycling. You have to get a job. “

The results came on, but Suplee finally decided to put the brakes on weight loss when he narrowly missed an audition to join Hugh Laurie on the 2016 Chance series. “The casting directors didn’t even want me to go because I had lost a lot of weight. They suggested my name for the role, but they said I was ‘too thin’, ”he recalled the 2017 Entertainment Weekly podcast.

Being thin wasn’t all I dreamed of. “I ended up gaining weight again, not least because I realized that being thin wasn’t what they said I was. I convinced her it was going to get bigger, I came back and kept the paper. “

The radical change in character made him realize that few in the film and television industries recognized him without the extra pounds. “I made the decision not to kill myself to be thin because nobody knows me like that. In the end, I loosened up my diet, ”he concludes.
That changed in 2019 when he decided to challenge himself: give birth to a pack of defined abs in the place where he once lived a bulky belly.

The change was radical

In October, the results of a year of training were shown in a photo session, which he guarantees did not touch up any picture. “I’m in the best shape I’ve ever had,” Suplee told Men’s Health, whom he confessed to having spent more than four decades taking off his shirt. Til today.

In the pictures, the signs of the fight against obesity are perfectly visible. “There are loose and hanging skins, there are scars. That’s me, ”he admits.

In last year’s challenge, of course, he had the help of a personal trainer Jared Feather, who motivated him to control his consumption of carbohydrates – and who accompanied him in the arduous struggle for low body fat.

“I even wondered if it was possible to go below 10 percent to eight or seven, but then I remembered all the crazy diets I’ve been on over the years and found that I couldn’t can go on. Do I want to keep walking around and appear exactly like in these photos? To be honest, I don’t think I have what I need, ”he comments.

Suplee makes all 40s jealous

Suplee prefers to put the obsession with weight loss into perspective. He invests in tougher periods of exercise to help him stay healthy, but shows that the most important thing now is “the periods when I dedicate myself to loving my family”. And he gives the example of his visit to McDonald’s with his 15-year-old daughter when he discovered that she had never tried the fries in the American chain. “We didn’t even land with our bags,” he comments.

“Thanks to all the diets I’ve been on over the past 20 years, I’ve been able to lose weight successfully. But my goal has never been anything but weight loss, ”he explains in a post on his official Instagram that he shared on Tuesday January 12th.

But a man without goals is nothing and that’s why the 44-year-old actor has already left a new goal: “This year I want some visible slants. It’s going to be a wonderfully tough year. “


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