he thought he was going to get a DualSense controller, he ended up with something completely different

Landed last month, the next generation consoles are gradually beginning to embed themselves into the gaming landscape. While demand does not seem to be decreasing, stocks are replenished from time to time. But the scams continue on the resale platform side, like this sad story about buying a controller.

A double sense that is neither

Fraud has multiplied with the arrival of next generation consoles. Impatient gamers don’t hesitate to take chances by trusting classified ads, even if it means unpleasant surprises. Such is the case of the user known as Cryhide on Reddit. In a post published last week, the user announced his mishap. Cryhide wanted to buy a DualSense, the controller for the PlayStation 5, and had a surprise: Receiving an Xbox One controller in the colors of the desired controller.

Ordered a ps5 controller on eBay, wtf this is from r / playstation

In order to push the plug even further, the dealer did not hesitate to color his white lever black. Most likely the crime was committed with a felt tip pen. It is difficult not to discover the delusion. The scams haven’t stopped on eBay. Even though the website cleaned up their ads, they persist. So it is always possible to find pictures of consoles for sale for $ 500. Although the descriptions denounce the scam, some are still ordering too quickly.

Unfortunately, these scams are expected to continue to spread. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox series stocks are tough to fill and any replenishment is instantly taken by storm. Therefore, until the request is processed as a whole, many scams are likely to thrive on the various online resale platforms.

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