He spends $ 320,000 on Pokémon cards and it goes wrong

Sometimes you need to think carefully before spending astronomical sums of money on a product. This man learned the hard way by opening a box of Pokémon cards at exorbitant prices.

The good surprise of the day

The YouTube channel Dumb Money has started an amazing game of chance, to say the least: buying rare Pokémon cards for the modest sum of $ 375,000. An experience that quickly turned sour when the streamers discovered that the card box was not properly sealed and did not contain the seal “Wizards of the Coast,” the official publisher of Pokémon cards that confirms the authenticity of the cards. Boxing. One of them also noticed that several boosters were different colors and “weren’t even from the first edition,” he says.

Given this situation, the seller was contacted by the chain so that the issue could be exposed.

We opened the box live and these are resealed boosters. There is a kind of basic edition, two of which are mixed inside, half is first edition. But they are all resealed, which is absolutely unacceptable. How is this resolved immediately?

The seller therefore sent a second box, which also turned out to be wrong. Currently, the latter is said to have undertaken to reimburse the 375,000 US dollars in question as compensation. It is the least.

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