he gets knocked down from the sofa because of the joystick on his console


The unusual stories are rare and yet shape our everyday life. Sometimes from the other side of the world, sometimes from next door, these unusual anecdotes have the gift of raising eyebrows. For example, last April a woman stated that she had been under arrest for a VHS tape for 21 years. No VCR for the day’s unusual story, just a gamer knocked down by his controller.


Towards Robertson County, Tennessee, United States, where a player was knocked down with his controller. While he was playing video games on a Saturday night, a storm came up to disturb his calm. As? “Or what? By blowing it up through its controller wired. A very classic video game session that started after an ordinary dinner, the usual menu for a stress free evening. And yet that night an American had to call for help.

As Memphis-based News Channel 3 reported:

Josh Rice, assistant director of emergency services for Robertson County, said medics answered a call about a lightning-struck man in Greenbrier at around 9:15 p.m. Saturday that lightning had struck nearby and that a video game controller was about to hit him Got shock.

An unusual story that ends well. Though struck by lightning, the man managed to call ambulance before they found no injuries, as they called them to make sure he was not injured. After the examination, the rescuers decided that it was unnecessary to take him to the local hospital. As Kotaku points out, such events are not as rare as you might think. Last year, a professional Rocket League player was also struck by lightning because of her wired controller. She was more unlucky than the man of the day and had burned hands. As for his controller, he was just … melted.