He gets a heavy fine after defying the gaming restriction

In early January, Boris Johnson’s England was reconfigured to cope with the surge in new cases threatening the peace of Britain. And while the prime minister was hoping for the restrictions to be lifted by mid-February, the lack of seriousness of citizens across the Canal seems to be leading the country to extend it until March. The proof is this weekend with a Pokémon GO player who defied the game restriction.

he will only have caught a fine

With England grappling with an upswing in Covid-19 cases as well as a travel variant, some citizens are not hesitating to break the law to conquer Pokémon. Such is the case with this Pokémon GO player who did not hesitate to drive 14 miles to conquer Pokémon in the neighboring city. The perpetrator, arrested by the police, confessed his plan before receiving a heavy fine of around 225 euros.

“Everyone has to play a role in slowing the spread of the virus,” said a police spokesman. Playing Pokémon GO is “not a valid reason,” according to local police. It remains to be seen whether the man has learned from his mistake and will ultimately respect the imprisonment introduced by Boris Johnson’s administration. Even so, it is entirely possible that he will repeat the experience the next day in a different way.

However, the Covid-19 hits England hard. Nearly 3 million cases have been identified as of March 2020, up from 3.4 million in the UK. The vaccination campaign is in full swing and more than 3 million Britons have received at least one dose of the vaccine since it was launched.

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