He finishes the game and achieves an achievement that should be impossible


Released on PS3, PS4 and soon on PS5. Rockstars Spiel takes the lead in the next generation on November 11th. Three different generations who will, in their own way, welcome the banner of the American studio. GTA V is also updated regularly over the years. Fresh content that never ends where some players want to turn the page. The opportunity for others to face difficult challenges, like this player who finished the game and achieved an achievement that was supposed to be impossible.

A difficult challenge that requires respect

Like almost every game, GTA V is prone to speed runs. The world record is held by a Hungarian and was set at 5 hours, 51 minutes and 44 seconds. But the challenge that the player known as UnNameD achieves seems just as difficult. And for good reason, he managed to finish the game without taking a single damage. To ensure the quality of the challenge, the latter previously installed a mod, thanks to which the slightest damage would kill him immediately. Car accident, gunshot wound, collision with a passer-by, every misstep is synonymous with death. UnNameD was keen to share their performance on video so that viewers could make sure the challenge was carried out properly.

Although his skills seem easy at first glance, it should be noted that it took 48 unsuccessful attempts before this victory. In addition, UnNameD could rely on the preparatory work of another player: DarkViperAU. The latter for a while methodically prepared and studied the world of GTA V and its campaign to determine safe passages to exit the game without taking a single damage. Unfortunately for DarkViperAU, the first completion goes to UnNameD, who ultimately defeats him at the finish line.

It is worth highlighting the difficulty of this feat. And for good reason, taking a single damage in GTA V is extremely easy. A little rough driving, an unexpected collision, a stray ball, or even an unforeseen interaction and the challenge stops. Especially since the campaign is not in the lead and leads the player to increase the dangerous situations. Regardless, UnNameD can boast of being the first to finish GTA V without taking a single damage. A tasty title that deserves to be framed and installed over a fireplace.