He enjoys turning 80s and 90s celebrities into adorable kids

It’s crazy what we can do with artificial intelligence! When you add a touch of Photoshop, you get an amazing result. So this internet user, gripped by a sudden nostalgia for the stars of the 80s and 90s, did by offering them a makeover!

So with an artificial intelligence, this editor from Bored Panda had fun transforming celebrities from the past century to see what they would look like and frankly the result is great!

So you can discover what Michael J. Fox, the star of Back to the Future, could have looked like as a child or Sigourney Weaver, Michael Jackson or Madonna.

We let you discover their transformation in photos below.

Michael J Fox

Michael Jackson


Sigourney Weaver

Tina Turner

Whitney Houston

Olivia Newton John

Jennifer Jason

Diana Ross

Cindy Lauper

Boy george

Annie Lennox

Andie Macdowell

Nastassja Kinski

Meg Ryan

Kathleen Turner

Geena Davis

Demi Moore

Debbie Gibson

Brooke Shields

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