he creates the universe in miniature for his little mouse


The Lord of the Rings inspires more and more fans, and we understand why with such a universe. With its mountainous and green landscapes (at least for the hobbit part), it is possible to recreate certain aspects of it with a little imagination. A Briton had done it for his little rodent too, without taking any particular license for inspiration. Today we present you the creations of a photographer who staged his mouse in a real village inspired by Tolkien’s work.

geroge the mouse (that’s his name)

Here is a little rodent that fell into the good garden. In fact, his host built him many houses and other trifles inspired by the universe of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Funny photos that show the little mouse in some situations that it shouldn’t normally face. The photographer even has a website dedicated to him, which you can view here. He didn’t do things by halves! Here is a little summary in the video, followed by some photos.

the equivalent of the local market

Even mice have the right to their dedicated messages

how to recycle an old shoe

Space for 1 person

“it smells good in there!”

Has the family grown?

go to work!

we would almost live there

the fruit throne

conquer the river

The garden is well maintained

the whole village