Hawkeye, The Legacy of Boba Fett … all the news for November 2021

To celebrate Halloween, terrifying content has been added to the Disney + catalog. We are now practically November and the platform has decided to go to great lengths to bring us many series and films, including Hawkeye, a series that is particularly anticipated by fans of the MCU. Here then, without further ado, all the news for November 2021 on Disney +.

Week from November 1st to 8th

Available November 3rd:

The condition. In this series created by The Office screenwriter, individuals are confronted with timeless moral questions as we all live in unprecedented times. Each episode thus returns to the greatest questions of modern times (ecology, love, social justice, sex, capitalism, gun control …). – on STERN.

Next. In Silicon Valley, Paul LeBlanc discovers that one of his own creations, an artificial intelligence called “NeXt”, could soon bring about the end of mankind. A series that combines action scenes and reflection on robotics and transhumanism! – on STERN.

Bless the Harts – Seasons 1 and 2. – on STAR The Cleveland Show – Seasons 1 through 4. – on STAR.

Raven – Season 4. – on STAR.Air Crash – Seasons 15 to 18. – on STAR. This documentary series examines plane crashes by showing what led to the crash. Each episode consists of actor re-enactments, interviews, testimonials and scenes produced in synthetic imagery. Romance – on STAR. Candice Renoir – seasons 1 to 8 – on STAR.

Available from November 5th:

Hysterical – on STAR.Idiocracy – on STAR. Joe Bowers, the epitome of the average American, was selected by the Pentagon for an experiment gone wrong. Five centuries later, he wakes up in the middle of a country whose intellectual level has fallen dramatically: at that time he is the most intelligent man in the world.

In the house – on STAR.Les Petits robbers. This is a film in which a trio of friends each have specific dispositions. They are all determined to find the money, and they will plan an extreme heist, Where Our Hearts Take Miraculous World: Shanghai, The Legend of LadyDragon

Week from November 8th to 15th

Available November 10th:

Available November 12th:

Dopesick. This is a miniseries that takes an interesting look at opioid addiction in the United States. The cast is tempting, with Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard or Will Poulter. – on STERN.

Olaf presents. This is a series of short films that will allow you to find the nice guy from Frozen who, in his own way, revisits all of the Disney classics.

Allegra. The series tells the story of Allegra, a sixteen-year-old teenager who dreams of being part of a musical that is very much loved by Coco, her grandmother. However, Allegra will quickly understand that her mother and Coco have had problems in the past and she will try to investigate the subject and make her dream come true. (it starts again)

The World According to Jeff Goldblum The Simpsons Plus Anniversary Ciao Alberto. This short film allows you to immerse yourself in the universe of the animated film Luca by finding the same characters.

Marvel Studios 2021 Disney + Day Special Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett. This is a documentary that takes a closer look at Boba Fett. We should learn more about the making of the character and how it evolved.

Week from November 15th to 22nd

Available November 17th:

Marvel’s hit monkey. This is an original series that features a Japanese snow monkey in search of revenge who is angry with the Tokyo underworld. This curious monkey will quickly take on the name “Killer the Killer” …

The Knights of Castelcorvo – Season 1 Stumpdown – Season 1 – on STAR The Trainee – Seasons 1 to 5 – on STAR.

Available November 18th:

Bad weather at the El Royale Hotel – on STAR. In this film, the once very luxurious El Royale Hotel has had its day. Several very different personalities meet “by chance” in this hotel, which gives them the opportunity to free themselves before all hell breaks loose …

Week from November 22nd to 30th

Available November 24th:

Hawk Eye. During the 6 episodes of this series, which are eagerly anticipated by Marvel fans, Clint Barton will try to find his family for Christmas (the plot is right after the “Blip”). A past presence, however, will destabilize the plans of Clint, who must draw on the talents of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer who has always dreamed of becoming a superhero.

Mr Inbetween – Seasons 1 and 2 The Muppet Babies – Season 2 The Choe Show – on Star.

Available November 25th:

The Beatles: Get Back – Episode 1. This is a documentary series with 3 episodes of two hours each. You’ll immerse yourself in the group’s intimate recording sessions and understand even better the connections between Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon.

Available November 26th:

The Beatles: Get Back – Episode 2 Sunshine. In this film with Chris Evans, we are in the year 2057. The sun is dying and causing the demise of the human species. A terribly complicated mission must save mankind: detonate an atomic bomb on the surface of the sun to revive solar activity.

Available November 27th:

The Beatles: Get Back – Episode 3

And if you want to learn more about Hawkeye, next month’s flagship series, we invite you to read our previous article on the subject.

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