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Have you just seen “The Crown”? This is the documentation that you need to see next

Have you just seen “The Crown”? This is the documentation that you need to see next

The fourth season was recently released on Netflix, but there are more productions to follow the British royal family.

“The Crown” returned in November.

The fourth season of “The Crown” was released on November 15th on Netflix. It was quickly seen by millions of people around the world – not least because this time around the narrative mostly focuses on Princess Diana, one of the most beloved characters in the recent history of the British monarchy.

However, it was also one of the most criticized seasons when events were portrayed significantly differently than in real life. For example, Prince Carlos would have been furious about some of the scenes he saw, the English press revealed.

If you’ve just watched ten episodes of this season and it will be a long time before the fifth and sixth seasons of the series (which will be the last) appear on the streaming platform, you can choose to continue learning more about the royal family learn British – without leaving Netflix.

The streaming platform offers a range of documentaries about the story of Princess Diana, which has been among the “trending” of the service in recent times – meaning it has been in the last few days since the new season of “The Krone”.

Such is the case with “Diana in Her Own Words,” an intimate documentary with archive images and personal recordings that offers a more informal side of this beloved princess’ life. There is also a two-part documentary (approximately an hour and a half each) from “The Story of Diana”.

He has interviews with close people, including his brother, and shares his story, achievements, and the personal struggles he has had during his life. There is also a six episode documentary series entitled “The Royal House of Windsor,” which tells the true story of the current British royal family throughout the 20th century with a broader perspective and is used to contextualize their lives. Each chapter lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. You can find these three productions on Netflix.


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