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Haseloff: Partial locking has been extended | Free press

Closed restaurants, theaters and leisure facilities: the current partial closure will run until December 20. Private meetings are limited to five people.

Berlin (dpa) – The current partial lockdown in the corona pandemic, including the closure of restaurants, theaters and leisure facilities, will be extended until December 20, according to Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff of Saxony-Anhalt.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel announced at a press conference in Berlin, private gatherings with friends, relatives and acquaintances are limited to a maximum of five people from their own household and another household. Children up to 14 years of age are not covered by the scheme.

Despite the high Corona figures, a large-scale switch to so-called alternating lessons is not planned in Germany. Merkel and state prime ministers agreed that alternating classes in divided groups at home and school remain to be decided locally, depending on regional corona rates.

A joint decision document of the federal and state governments states that “further measures to design lessons” should be implemented “specific to the school” at an infection rate of more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week. According to current data from the Robert Koch Institute, this number is currently not exceeded in most districts of Germany.

This year, the Christmas holidays will start almost everywhere in Germany on December 19. With the exception of Bremen and Thuringia, the holiday should now start on this day everywhere. According to the resolution, the two countries reserve the right to “a country-specific arrangement regarding the start of the holiday”.

The measure is intended to reduce the number of contacts immediately before the holiday and thus the risk of infection in the family. Parents in the states who prefer their holidays, however, now have to provide childcare for the extra days off before Christmas Eve. But emergency care is up for debate.

Merkel has sworn to all citizens in Germany to the further necessary restrictions. “It still depends on each of them,” Merkel said. The partial shutdown that began in November with the shutdown of numerous facilities broke the surge in new infections, but these are still at a high plateau.

But this is only a partial success, with which one cannot be satisfied under any circumstances. “We need one more try,” Merkel said. This also required patience, solidarity and discipline.


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