Has Russia blocked access to all social media portals amidst war?

Tech companies have been blocking their products and services in Russia over the last week because of the country’s ongoing fight with Ukraine. A new report says that Russia is now blocking people in the country from using sites like Twitter and Facebook, which are popular places for people to talk.

A lot of news organizations and social media sites, not just Twitter and Facebook, have been blocked in the country, according to a lot of people who work in the news media. Matthew von Rohr, a reporter for Der Spiegel, also tweeted about how the BBC and Deutsche Welle had been blocked from using Twitter.

Meduza, a Latvian news site, says that many people in Russia couldn’t get to the site. Then, Facebook executive Nick Clegg said the social network would not give in to Russian demands that it stop fact-checking and labeling content that comes from media outlets on the site.

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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other companies have been taking new steps in response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
This week, Russian authorities told Clegg that they didn’t want him to fact-check and label content on Facebook from four state-owned media organizations. “Soon, they told us to stop,” said Clegg. There was no way we could do that. As a result, they have said that they will limit the use of our service.

Why the Russian government did this is unknown, but it can only be assumed that they want to spread their own propaganda by cutting off access to news and opinions from other parts of the world.

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In places like Twitter, where world leaders, news organizations, and people from all walks of life can share their thoughts, many have been very open about their dislike of Putin, Russia’s actions, and the whole idea of a war in general.

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