Has Apple Discontinued the iPod Touch? Here’s the complete news!!

A news post went up on Tuesday about iPod Touch discontinued by Apple. This was the day that Apple stopped making the iPod Touch, which was the last model of iPod left. The title of the post, “The music lives on,” brings back happy memories of the iPod, which made Apple the most innovative tech company in the world.

When it was first announced in 2001, the iPod not only changed the music business but also the way we think about technology and design. The iPod was a turning point for Apple, and its unexpected success made Jony Ive, who worked closely with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on ideas, the most productive industrial designer of the 21st century.

Apple says the iPod Touch will still be for sale “as long as supplies last.” To honor the legacy of this iconic music player, here are 3 surprising facts you might not have known about one of the most innovative products ever made.

What you don’t know about iPod Touch – An iconic music player?

Here’re the 3 interesting facts that you should know about iPod Touch as a tribute to this excellent iconic music player.

  1. The design of the iPod is inspired by cordless phones

Did Apple come up with the scroll wheel that became famous on the first iPod? No. Apple got the idea for the wheel that controls the music player from a Bang & Olufsen cordless phone.

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Phil Schiller, Apple’s former SVP of marketing, came up with the idea to add a scroll wheel after using a Bang & Olufsen home phone with a scroll wheel to move through contacts.

2. The iPod was named by Vinnie Chieco.

No one remembers the freelance copywriter Vinnie Chieco, who helped come up with the name “iPod” for Apple’s first music player. Chieco and a small group of freelance writers were sitting in Apple’s office in San Francisco when they were asked to name an upcoming product.

When the prototype was given to Chieco, he was surprised by how simple it was. Chieco thought of the famous line “Open the pod bay door, HAL!” from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey when Dr. Dave Bowman tells HAL to open the door to the pods. In the movie, HAL is the ship’s computer that could run it.

In the movie, the “pod” is a spaceship used for activities outside of the ship. Chieco thought that the relationship between the spaceship and the smaller pods was similar to the one between a computer and a music player.

3. It took the company one year to design, build, and release the first iPod.

Fadell, who is often called the “Father of the iPod,” says that when he started working for Apple at the end of January to run the iPod project, the idea was just to make an MP3 player with a hard drive.

So, no when iPod Touch Discontinued, Fadell told Stripe CEP Patrick Collison, “There was no team, no prototype, no plans, nothing.” In fact, Jobs didn’t agree to the project until almost the end of March. From May to October 2001, things began to move faster. Eight months later, in October of the same year, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, took the stage in California to announce the iPod.

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That’s all about iPod Touch Discontinued!! We hope fans will always remember this all-time favorite music player in their memories. For more such news, stay tuned!!